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Turning Insights into Opportunity.

PSG is an intelligence services firm that exists to combat critical social issues.


From cybersecurity to sustainability, the challenges we face as a society require new ways of doing things. However, they are so big and complex organisations suffer from information overload, often persisting with ineffective practices or choosing to do nothing at all. At PSG, we believe we can make the greatest contribution to improving the world around us by helping organisations understand these problems, illuminating core issues and identifying the opportunities to address them through new and innovative solutions.


We achieve this by generating and exploiting insights that enable direct action, positive impact and value creation.


At a functional level, the Group operates under a profit for purpose mandate across three lines of effort to: Deliver holistic intelligence solutions for the private sector; Provide specialist support to the public sector; and Donate time, capabilities and resources to select civic sector initiatives.

*We work hard to protect our clients’ interests and value discretion over publicity. Client testimonials and information about our services can be provided upon request.  For more information, please contact us here

What Makes PSG Different?

Our People

The PSG team brings together a powerful combination of seasoned commercial, technical and national security practitioners. We leverage small, cross-functional teams of domain, intelligence and technical experts, and a global network of on-demand specialists to deliver world class solutions in the most discreet and cost-efficient way possible.


PSG employs a comprehensive suite of organic and network collection assets, proprietary methodologies and deep expertise that has been honed over decades of executing complex, mission critical operations in high threat and sensitive environments. These capabilities are underpinned by the latest technologies that enhance our reach, efficiency and operational assurance.

Our Network

PSG leverages its global networks to enhance collection, reach and responsiveness. We maintain cross sector operational, information and specialist networks around the world that provide us with a superior understanding of the situation and the ability to act accordingly.

Solutions Focus

At PSG we stand by the work we do; remaining engaged with our clients to develop long term partnerships rather than delivering a report and walking away. This ensures we are accountable for the intelligence provided and allows us to be actively involved in the execution of solutions to maximise the impact and value created.

Global Impact

PSG has re-imagined the application of cutting-edge national intelligence methodologies to combat critical social issues. From cybercrime to sustainability, PSG is focused on making a meaningful impact on the greatest challenges facing society today. This commitment to improving the lives of others drives us to be better every day.

What does PSG stand


Commit to the relentless pursuit of excellence.


Put others first and approach every job like it's mission critical.


Own your results and stand by the work you do.


Identify the core issues and drive action to address them.

Global Impact

Initiate change and improve the lives of others.